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SOFTEC is a magnificent annual event organized at FAST-NU Lahore Campus, with the primary aim of promoting the advancement of Information Technology and the propagation of its benefits amongst all. For the past twenty years this I.T. extravaganza has enriched the awareness amongst students and professionals alike, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, an environment for the showcase of exceptional professional skill and a platform for innovation.

The event has become an annual feature at FAST-NU and each year SOFTEC grows bigger and attracts a larger number of participants. The annual SOFTEC event is now the most anticipated, the most promoted and the most participated-in event held in the FAST-NU. It has deeply entwined its roots in the culture of the university and has become a highly esteemed tradition.

Having established SOFTEC regionally as an I.T. event of exceptional standing, appealing to people of all age-groups and breaking a barrier of 1,000+ participants in any event organized by the students of Pakistan, SOFTEC will attempt to expand its activities to focus on aspects of I.T. This is just another step towards involving people of varied interests in this edifying event.


Join the Team and be a part of the Oldest and Largest society of FAST-NU


Ideas Extreme

Gaming Competition

Engineering Project Exhibit

Robo Rumble

Engineering Project Compt.

Programming Competition

Kids Corner

Software Competition

Software Exhibition

I.T Conferences

Software House Enclosure

Web Development


Contact us via Email and let us know about you views, opinions and any kind of complaint regarding the Softec Event. Our team would appreciate it and will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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